Assafa Islamic Center

Assafa Islamic Center is a not-for-profit, religious and non-political organization. The local Muslim community established the center in 1996. Two years later they acquired a city lot at an auction. it was providing services of five-time prayers, weekend school, and Hifzul Qur’an, in a rented space at 172 Allen St only on a temporary basis. For Jumuah prayer we had to rent a separate space in Mariana Bracetti Community Center, located at 296 E 4th street (Between Ave B & C). So it is crucial to complete the new project to continue the services for the musallies.
The new project is intended for da’wa and interfaith dialogue, expanded prayer space, a NYC Board of Education complaint full time Islamic school, all kinds of religious educational programs, and social services as needed by the community at large.

A diversity of travelers, taxi drivers, professionals, scholars, local musallies, youth, and new Muslims from the expanses of multi-lingual cosmopolitan New York utilize this Islamic center. It is a global microcosm of the Muslim world bursting at the seams.
Currently we are providing all kinds of Community and Social and Educational services from our own New Six Story tower which is located at 172 Eldridge Street , New York NY 10002 .
We got our permanent CO from the Building Department Of NYC .
Therefore you may donate $2500 for one Musalla, $1000 for a life-membership or $150 for a square foot. We are appealing for a minimum of $5,000 as a refundable loan and a donation of $100 per month from everyone.
Jazakallahu Khairan.
President: Sultan Ahmed Jashim    Phone : (646) 651-7734
Secretary: Mufty Hafiz Mawlana Luthfur Rahman Qasimy Phone: 212-203-8695 Email: